Thoughts and Remembrances of Benjie

  After Benjie’s death, the outpouring of goodwill and special memories from those who knew him was both comforting and inspiring. There were a lot of laughs and smiles mixed with the tears as people recounted the ways he had touched their lives. In the coming days, we will post a few excerpts from cards that people sent. In the meantime, if you would like to share a remembrance of Benjie, please email it to [email protected] .

Dear Lebow Family,
I was shocked and saddened upon receiving the news of Benjie’s passing. Since 1982 he has been sharing his two dollar bills with me which I’ve mostly collected to pass on to others. Those that remain I’ll keep in his remembrance. Benjie was always welcome in the office and I’ll miss the genuine down to earth conversations we frequently had. I will miss him terribly. Please accept my condolences on the passing of such a wonderful person.

Peter Billia, DMD, Harvard, Ma

Dear Lebow Family,
My sincere condolences on the loss of Benjie. I think that your husband and father has been coming to my office since 1978. The sad thing about this is that when he came to my office and we each gave each other a warm welcome, I then would go back to treating my patients. It was not until now that I realized Benjie’s “other” talents. What a great wonderful man he was. He will be sorely missed. By the way, I have a collection of his two dollar bills. I think that was part of his uniqueness.Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Jeffrey Davis

Worcester, Mass

We were all deeply saddened to learn of the loss of dear Benjie. I have a large collection of two-dollar bills that I have kept, that I will probably continue to keep, now as a remembrance of Benjie. We never knew exactly when he was going to show up, but somehow my mental computer would often clue me as to when he’d be coming- I’d mention to my staff that I thought it was about the time that Benjie would be showing up soon. Sure enough, he’d be there within a short time. I told Benjie often that we’d be thinking about him, and then he’d just show up. He always joked that he and I shared “metal telepathy” and we’d laugh about it. We will miss him dearly.

Mark A. Bauman, DDS

I met Benjie twenty three years ago when he walked into my newly started dental office. When he introduced himself and wanted to buy my scrap, I had to say I had only been open for a month, and did not generate enough yet. We began a friendly conversation that last all these years. Years of dental talk, and talk of excercise, and life’s small lessons learned. He always remembered my interest in collecting new coins, and furnished me with the unusual currency to place under my childrens pillows on those “tooth fairy” nights. They are now adults and still remember those coins. Truly special memories from a special man.

With a tears in my eyes,
John Rizza DMD

I was extremely shocked and saddened to read that Benjie had passed away. I always would stop what I was doing when he arrived on his biannual visits to my dental office in Shrewsbury,MA. We would kid around a little,he would pull out his scale and weigh whatever gold I had. I will miss him greatly. My deepest sympathy to you all and may his memory be a blessing.
Dr. Jerry Berenson

We were terribly saddened to hear about Benjie’s passing. We have had Benjie and Bonita to the house as well as the office. When Benjie came to the office we always had a smile no matter what else had happened that day. He cared about us and we looked forward to hearing about the family and his latest escapades. When he came to the house he was doing the jewelry. My daughter Tara now 23 always waited for Benjie and Benita. They were genuine in their interest. Usually Benjie would give her a $2.00 bill as a present. Tara still has all the bills he gave her. Thinking of Benjie will always bring a smile to our faces and not too many people can claim that.
Bruce Irene and Tara Bragdon

I remember Benjie from when I worked at Dr. Douglas Johnsons office and he used to come in with wonderful jewlery he was such a nice man that would take the time to listen to you and find whatever you wanted….I later met up with him again at Dr. Mostafa El-Sherifs office in the last 4 years and he never ever changed…We would talk and he would tell us about what was going on in his life and ask us about what was going on in ours and our families…he spoke of the unicycles and it was so interesting to listen to him and to see how enthusiastic he was about what he was doing…I for one will miss seeing him a couple times a year and I wish
to extend my condolences to his family…Take Care!!!

Heidi Parker

I would like to take this moment to express to you and all your family my sincere condolences in the passing of your Dad. My name is Jonna, and I work for a dentist in Bath, Maine I have known Benjie for the past 22 years and always looked forward to seeing him drive up in front of our office. It was never a quick in and out. He
always chatted with me about his family and what his latest and greatest adventures were. He was always interested in what was happening in your life too. I was shocked and terribly saddened to hear that he is no longer with us. I shall miss our visits. We have lost a remarkable human being. God bless you all .
Sincerely, Jonna

I was very saddened to hear today that Benjie has passed away. He is one of the few people that I will really miss. I’ve seem him every year for that 24 years. He was always so friendly and fun to talk to. I’m sorry for your loss because it is such a big loss. I always would find the time to see him when he would just drop by to pickup scrap metal even if it was an inconvient time. I just enjoyed his conversation.

Jeffrey Allan DDS

I am deeply saddened to learn of Benjie’s death. Benjie had been calling on my dental office since I first started practicing 20 yrs. ago and had called on my late father’s dental practice before that. I always looked forward to having Benjie, the classic “yankee trader”, visit. He was always entertaining with his wit, his scale and bottles of chemicals, and his endless supply of two dollar bills. My office staff used to be delighted when he peddled gold jewelery in years past. Whenever competitors in the scrap metal business called on my office in an effort to solicit business, I proudly told them that I only did business with Benjie Lebow. I remember one representative of a very large refining company frustatingly state “is that guy still in business” when I told him who I dealt with exclusively. I suspect Benjie covered more dental offices by himself than competitive companies did with dozens of employees. My deepest condolences to Benita and the rest of the family. A great man is gone.

Keith Asarkof, D.M.D. Lexington, MA

I only recently had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Lebow. In the short 2 years that our office had done business with him, we had grown to anticipate and welcome his seasonal visits to us. He had such a positive outlook and friendly demeanor that made us all feel good!! I loved getting our scrap metal money in all 2 dollar bills!! We were extremely saddened to receive our letter in the mail today about Benjie’s passing. He will be greatly missed. Please accept our deepest condolences on your loss. Sincerely, Karen Mussen

Karen @ Interlakes Family Dental Center

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