Photos of Benjie

Captain of the Football Team
At Benita’s Junior Prom
At Benjie’s Graduation
The Wedding Day
With Little Elise
The Family – 1970
At the Park with Elise
Skiing with Benita
Manning the LM Booth
A Well Matched Couple
Visiting Elise in London
With Jeff in San Fran
Hooping it up at a Reunion
Out on the Town with Benita
Never(the dog’s) Birthday
Never Too Old for a Photo Booth
On the Bermuda Beach with Benita
Halloween with Benita & Never
With the Kovalsky Clan
With Newborn Zak
NeeNee, BopBop, & Zak
Early Bird Special – NH Style
Gardening with Zak
Learning Together
Javelin Practice
Putting together
Lighting the Hanukah menorah
B&B Renew Their Vows
Four Generations
Hooksett Shovel Team
Toasting the Millennium
Bowing with Crutch at
Jeff & Huisun’s Wedding
Playing with Zak
Cooking up some Benjie Chicken
Sawing with Mark
On the Rock with Huisun
Bali Style BarBQ
Golfing with the Ladies
Sledding with Zak
With the Bevan Team
With the In-laws
With Niece Cher
At Home on the Wheel
With a Unicycle Prodigy
With Beech Street’s ‘Green Team’



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