What A Unicycle Can Do For You

I am a unicycle

I have one wheel, two pedals and a seat.

To ride me is thought to be a mighty feat.

I am fun, I am cool

I will build your muscles and train your mind

All you have to do is practice so you don’t get behind.

When you ride me, people will look in awe

Their smiles will be so big, they won’t be able to close their jaw.

Now they see things in you they never saw before.

I will challenge you to do more

Than you thought you could before.

Have confidence and take the risk

I will help you overcome your fears

So there will be no need for tears.

When you fail and fall to the ground

You will have the courage to get up and go another round.

You will learn to control and guide your path

So success will follow in the aftermath.

Lebow Metals
2 Autumn Run
Hooksett, NH 03106
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1-800-AMALGAM (1-800-262-5426)
From Manchester, NH (603) 668-8332