So! How Did I Measure Up?

O heavenly spirit, I join those before me in peace and eternal rest.
In the flash of a lifetime we all have a chance to impart our imprint upon the world.
Were the choices I made reflected in the character I lived?
Did I allow God to be my guide?
Did I give my family the highest priority?
Did I love them enough?
Did I bring happiness to their lives?
Were their struggles made easier by my efforts?
Was I kind to those who were a part of my life?
Did I bring a smile to those I met?
Was I able to apologize when I was wrong?
Was the world a better place because of me?
A possible answer might be found in the memories of those I leave behind or perhaps from the aftermath of deeds that are left to be washed up upon the shores of humanity.

Benjie Lebow
November 15, 2001

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