Hanukkah Lady

Mrs. Lebow is the happy Hanukkah Lady at Beech.

All the girls and boys can hardly wait to hear her speech.

They all know she’s coming with games, gelt and a story to tell.

It’s a story about freedom you children know all too well.

As everybody gets set and the class begins,

The dreidels are ready to go for some spins.

The Hanukkah Lady tells about the Macabees and the bad guys they had to fight.

But, it was worth it in the end when they found a crucible of oil to light.

She shows how the menorah is lit in a very special way.

And then there are so many questions all through the day.

When the story is over and the candles are lit,

The Hanukkah Lady must move on to keep her wit.

Now the children have enjoyed the presentation and had a ball,

Mrs. Lebow wishes Happy Hanukkah to all.

Benjie Lebow
December 10, 2001

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